Write 2 the Point!

Business Writing


More energy is wasted on worthless writing – in both creating and reviewing it – than just about any other business activity. Fortunately, good writing can be easy with this course which lays the foundation for writing more precise and direct correspondence, documents, reports, etc. The theme of the course is how to make your written communications straight-forward, credible and easily understood.

Many people who have no trouble getting their point across when speaking have nothing but trouble when writing. Your words on their own, must capture your reader’s attention and convey your meaning-quickly and accurately.

Stressing conciseness, clarity and good organization in correspondence, this course is lively, informative and practices what it preaches. The manual is a useful guide of key points and rules that makes correct structure easy and painless.

Who Should Attend?

Those who want to become more articulate, effective and powerful communicators, or those responsible for reviewing/editing other’s work.




By the end of the course, you will be able to write more effectively with less effort by applying the principles in the step-by-step process for effective writing.


  • Use the prescribed basic steps for more effective writing
  • Overcome “poor writing” tendencies
  • Determine your goal in writing
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Revise your material
  • Develop on-target paragraphs
  • Write dynamic products with powerful word choice
  • Critique and edit the work of others

Two-day course


Tuition:  $ 349 (special group rates available)


Note: This is a performance-based workshop.


Students’ and Clients’ Comments