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Joan Wisnosky

As the founder and CEO of Jae Limited, Joan has developed and conducted training courses for government and industry in the areas of professional and career development, program management, acquisition management, contract administration, and security management. Joan has over 30 years of experience in the development, management, and presentation of training programs and courses. She has authored numerous training manuals for the Federal Government. And she has presented countless seminars and training courses across the country with most of her business resulting from business referrals and long-term clients.

Having trained such a large number and wide variety of professionals from so many organizations, Joan is able to deliver high-quality instruction to diverse audiences. Her dynamic personality and expertise command student interest and involvement. Joan has trained thousands of students enrolled in Jae Limited’s Professional Development Series. Student critiques and client evaluations rate her training highly.

Joan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from the George Washington University, Washington, DC.


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Our Associates

Dr. Steven Carreras, MSW

Steve has worked in the areas of staff development and training, relationship management, and project management for over 25 years. He is also the principal and founder of Turning Point Therapeutic Services helping individuals successfully transition through career, education, and life decisions.

Steve also develops and conducts mental health training for mental health professionals, staff, and graduate students. His success with individuals and organizations can be attributed to forming connections with people, identifying strengths, and helping individuals and organizations develop the skills necessary to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Steve has transitioned organizations from program redesign and project turnaround to implementing public health initiatives. He served as a Senior Researcher for the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Office of Community Programs in the design and implementation of public health disease tool kits. He also served as the Project Director for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s End of Life Care for Persons with Serious Mental Illness.

Steve is a volunteer at the Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps assisting individuals in public health initiatives and emergencies and natural disaster response. He received his Master of Social Work from Barry University and his PhD in Policy and Management from Brandeis University.

Jerry Sherk, M.A.

Jerry is President and founder of Mentor Management Systems, of Encinitas, CA. He has a masters degree in counseling psychology, and he brings unique experience gained from providing technical assistance and training to both adult and youth-based mentoring programs. During the past 17 years, Jerry has conducted workshops for hundreds of program staff, mentors and mentees, while helping over 300 mentoring programs develop their operating systems.

Jerry assisted in the creation of the operational structure for an Air Force mentoring initiative. He delivered over 60 mentor and mentee courses for the Air Force at Los Angeles AFB, CA, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO, and Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM.

Since 2000, Jerry has provided mentor and mentee training for the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board (FEB). In 2007, he worked under the direction of Public/Private Ventures as the Mentoring Technical Assistance Director for the Department of Labor’s Prisoners’ Reentry Initiative. During this period, Jerry developed and facilitated web-based training, prepared training manuals for staff and mentors, and reviewed 20 ongoing programs around the country. Jerry also authored or co-authored a number of workbooks on mentoring.

In addition, Jerry is one of the founders and Past Executive Director of the Mentoring Coalition of San Diego County, as well as Past President of the NFL Retired Players Association, San Diego. From 1970-1981, Jerry was an All-Pro defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns. In 1976, he was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year. In 2005, Jerry was inducted by his team into the “Cleveland Browns Legends.”