Jae Limited is a woman-owned, small business with its headquarters in Potomac, Maryland. This training company, with over 30 years of experience, solely supports the Federal Government in professional development training.


All writing courses promote compliance with the

 Plain Writing Act of 2010 

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Jae Limited is well known for the highly successful Professional Development Series curriculum. This curriculum provides the requisite knowledge and skills for government professionals to improve their work performance and communication abilities.

This series provides students with the tools necessary to prepare the highest-quality written material, to conduct polished briefings and to communicate in all situations with clarity, confidence, poise and presence. This training series shapes the “promotable employee.”

The company itself strives to assist clients in identifying and prioritizing their education and training needs and fulfilling those needs in the most focused, timely and cost-effective manner possible. Jae Limited’s management and technical approach ensures the flexibility and cost-effective solutions clients have come to expect. Our emphasis on maintaining close and continuing contact with clients during all stages of contract performance has been a key to our growth and success. The company has maintained a reputation for high quality and commitment.

The company is known for its ability to successfully carry out instruction to very diverse audiences. The instructional training team has frequently demonstrated the ability to identify and understand each student’s individual performance needs and thereby determine those areas most essential for improving the individual’s skill.

Thousands of students have been trained with client and student evaluations outstanding.  Jae Limited has presented seminars and training courses across the country with the multitude of business from client referrals.

Client Testimonials

“I want to thank you for the outstanding training that was provided by Jae Limited to our organization. Our participants were highly impressed with the professionalism and quality of the training content and delivery. In addition, they universally indicated that they could immediately apply the skills and techniques that they learned to their day-to-day work. Thanks again for a job well-done.”

– Raymond A. Vaudo, former Director of Learning and Education, IRS SB/SE, Long Beach, CA

“Jae Limited is one of the most outstanding training companies with whom we have ever contracted. The company has conducted programs for our organization, always with excellent feedback from the participants as well as positive results, in terms of skill development. Writing is a critical skill and Jae Limited has helped us develop employees to be good writers. The materials provided are up to date and are used effectively during the sessions. The materials are also excellent as reference resources. The sessions were energizing. We have found that the programs Jae Limited has delivered far exceeded any writing program we have ever purchased or delivered. Most importantly, the training provided improved or developed employee writing skill.”

 – Barbara Skidmore, Deputy Chief, Probation Office, US Courts, Baltimore, MD

“Jae Limited’s training was so successful, not only did I receive positive feedback from my staff, but even better, we’ve witnessed immediate ROI results. I made the training mandatory because this is a very important area of our profession. I’ve seen an immediate, positive difference in almost everyone’s performance, even those who are better writers.”

– Dotti Hunter, IRS Procurement, Atlanta, GA

“Jae Limited has provided training for Federal employees in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1996. Jae Limited is a great company to work with. We bring them to the Los Angeles Area about twice a year. The courses offered are very popular and agencies contact the FEB throughout the year to find out when Jae Limited will be in town as they want other employees to attend the courses offered. I have also used Jae Limited to design original courses to meet very specific agency and employee needs. In addition, Jae Limited has developed and delivered several day-long career development programs for various audiences. The range of courses offered by Jae Limited is broad and given their high standards for excellence, I know that whatever course we offer will be exceptional.”

              – Kathrene Hansen-Kin, Former Executive Director, Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board, Long Beach, CA