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Due to work force reductions and funding cuts, fewer and fewer government and private sector positions are being vacated and filled. This has resulted in dramatically increased competition for career opportunities.

Your résumé of critical interest to qualification panels and selecting officials, and thus it’s critically important to your career. A professional résumé can help you get an interview. You need to present your best qualities and accomplishments in writing to achieve that goal. Résumés are the selecting officials’ most important source of information on you. Often a supervisor’s first impression of you is from your résumé.

This workshop helps you write a clear, concise and comprehensive résumé that conveys your qualifications with maximum effectiveness. And it shows you how to prepare for a top-notch interview by using proven guidelines. You’ll receive a 50-page reference manual with valuable tips and checklists.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone intending to compete for position vacancies within the Federal Government or private sector.


By the end of the class, you’ll be able to:

  • Organize your qualifications and capabilities to effectively depict your best professional image.
  • Know how to have a sensational interview by knowing what works and what doesn’t.


  • Organize your capabilities to depict your best professional posture
  • Learn how to write a performance-based résumé
  • Handle the most common interview questions with ease
  • Learn how to build rapport instantly, lose interview anxiety, and find out tips for “dressing for success”

Student’s Comments:

“This will help me to win my optimal/dream job…” -S.M., DHS, Washington, DC more

happiness1One or two-day course



One-day course: $ 269 (special group rates available)

Two-day course: $ 379 (special group rates available)