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Public Speaking



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Every day thousands of presentations are given, a few of them will be on target, get the listeners’ attention, influence their thinking, inspire them or even persuade them. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become one of the few accomplished presenters.

Understanding that superior presentation skills are crucial to personal/ professional development and career enhancement, you will be able to prepare material easily and communicate effectively.

This is a concentrated three-day course which identifies and demonstrates techniques for delivering effective presentations. The course involves lectures and practical exercises. After the instructor’s lecture on each topic, you are given an opportunity to practice newly learned information in practical exercises to reinforce and develop those skills. Five types of presentations are analyzed and you are taught how to determine which would be the most appropriate for every audience.

The training manual is a detailed reference book written in a lively, anecdotal style with easy-to-follow formats immediately useable to begin your upward success in effective speaking. The information is timely, relevant and designed to help you get long-term results. It includes valuable tips and checklists to equip you with the tools to present highly professional, effective briefings and other types of verbal presentations.

Who Should Attend? Those interested in sharpening their pubic speaking and presentation preparation skills, particularly those who wish to overcome “speaking jitters.” Effective verbal communications are of vital importance in any government or business organization. Display confidence and poise the next time you are called upon to deliver an address.




By the end of the course, you will be able to develop and deliver an effective presentation with greater confidence, credibility and presence.


  • Use simple tips: know what works and what doesn’t
  • Present like a pro
  • Determine your audience’s needs
  • Practice effective listening techniques
  • Structure your material in a logical manner
  • Create and use dynamic audio/visual aids


Three-day course


Tuition: $ 525 (special group rates available)


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