Mastering the Art of Business Communications


Are you looking for new ways to communicate to your co-workers and employees, increase your productivity and advance your career? Are you communicating to make the right visual, vocal and verbal impact? This one-day course is filled with information to become a better communicator. Nothing can be achieved without the combined cooperation, commitment and action of people. That’s why your interpersonal skills are so critical to your own effectiveness and performance boosting your productivity and promotability.


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Communication with colleagues is no longer just a matter of having a good working relationship. Today, successful communication has become a business imperative and an ingredient for success. It’ s the art of savvy business interaction.

The course covers developing communication skills that will help foster collaborative relationships in the workplace. This includes identifying factors that can positively influence others and develop skills to become flexible in your actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle any situation.

Who Should Attend?

Those who want to master the keys to communication for handling any communication situation with greater flexibility, confidence and professional presence.




By the end of the course, you will be able to use proven interpersonal communication techniques to successfully achieve your goals.


  • Give clear instructions and motivate others
  • Use successfully-proven communication techniques to get your message across.
  • Listen actively to your advantage
  • Understand and use the power of body language
  • Increase your effectiveness when speaking in public
  • Give and receive criticism for positive change
  • Understand the varying communication styles of men and women
  • Learn the keys to communicating in the workplace
  • Talk your way to success

One-day course

Tuition: $ 249 (special group rates available)

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